A reasoned counterargument to Netflix raising prices

MMP nails it over at Kissing Suzy Kolber. Language is NSFW.

The monthly cost of both services together is still probably less than you would pay to see a first-run movie in a theater. Couple that with the facts that (a) movies that come into theaters now routinely suck donkey balls, (2) people in a theater (i.e.–YOU) don’t know how to shut the fuck up or stop using their (YOUR) cell phones and (d) you have to LEAVE THE FUCKING HOUSE to get there, and you tell me where you’re getting better value for your money. Can you wait two months to see Green Lantern? Don’t you wish you had?

I believe it's a tribute to the people that I follow on Twitter that this was the first I'd heard about the price increase. I guess people are outraged?

Am I doing it wrong?

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