Back in action with a new look

Oh, how you can get sucked into doing so many other things when you just want to change the color scheme a bit…

Anyway, the new hotness:

  • The colors are a little different, obviously.
  • New navigation up top. It should have some little slick animations if you look at it in Firefox 4, Chrome, or Safari. 
  • I'm using the very fetching Symbolicons icon set now. See the blog page on a desktop browser to get the biggest sample.
  • The home page has a different layout now. I decided to try something different from the slideshow thing I was doing.
  • I put in some switches so that if a blog entry goes long, I can present a short version on the blog page with a link to the full text. Some entries were getting way too long to present in full.
  • I'm using web fonts from Typekit (Myriad Pro and FF Tisa Web Pro), so that should look nice.

Why the airplane for the logo

Because airplanes are awesome. Duh.

Also, I wanted to make a little call back to my original site design, which had a thoroughly pointless airplane bursting through the clouds in the header. Like this:

My site, c. 2008

Man. I wasn't … good.

Am I doing it wrong?

Comments? I don’t do open comments. Life is too short.

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