Bad idea jeans: hobo wedding edition

Etsy posted this unfortunate hobo-inspired wedding the other day. The internet, being the world's second most efficient source of outrage (after Fox News), responded as you might expect. The comments on the post go from “Soooo cute!” to “Soooo monstrous!” faster than you can say “bindle”!

I’m in the soooo tasteless crowd, but I’m not sure the couple deserves such scorn. Kristin and I believe that this is a case of a bride-to-be getting a bad idea into her head, running with it, and lacking anyone around with the stones to say, “Oh, honey, can you think about this for a moment?” I mean, c’mon lady: you shared a single bean for your unity ceremony? No one told you that might be a bad idea? Sheesh.

Besides, you could go way more tasteless. To wit:

  • Leper inspired wedding! Um, what's that floating in your drink?
  • AIDS inspired wedding! Lots of singing and dancing about the joy of life in the face of an awful disease! Wait, this has been done. It was called Rent
  • Egyptian slave inspired wedding! Our friends are the rocks upon which we build our relationship, and also would you mind hauling these giant rocks to help us build our final resting place?
  • Salem Witch Trials inspired wedding! The happy couple gets tied together and thrown into a lake! If they survive, they’re witches! Kill them! No dancing, because that's Satan infecting your feet!
  • 1960s civil rights movement inspired wedding! Save The Date: “It’ll be a riot!” When it’s time for the send-off, the happy couple gets sprayed with fire hoses. Lingering guests will meet the Dobermans. 

Any more?

(Via my wife, who is good to put up with me)

Am I doing it wrong?

Comments? I don’t do open comments. Life is too short.

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