Be careful with the bitter spray

In my last post about my puppy's chewing habit, can't believe I forgot to mention this:

One common suggestion for dissuading chewing is to coat tempting morsels in a bitter spray, like Grannick's Bitter Apple.

We've done that; while you can't put a spray on everything, it works well enough for things like furniture legs.

I can say that the Bitter Apple spray works better than the first brand we tried, Fooey.

Fooey didn't stop him from chewing anything; he seemed to actually like it. I'm not sure how anything could like it.

When I say that, I speak from experience:

After a particularly busy afternoon of spraying things down with Fooey, I made the mistake of nibbling on my fingernails before I washed my hands.

I realized my error within seconds.

It tasted like a rotten diaper. 

And the taste just spread, and spread, and spread, coating my mouth. Food didn't taste good for days.

On the plus side, i don't want to chew my fingernails anymore.

Am I doing it wrong?

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