Discussing songwriting with Fountains of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger

Today I learned that Fountains of Wayne (which, for some reason, I've never seen live and now I must fix that) have played “Radiation Vibe” at every concert since 1996. Awesome. Well, almost every show:

[AV Club]: When people ask if you ever get tired of playing “Stacy’s Mom,” you invariably point out that you’ve played “Radiation Vibe” at every show since 1996 and you aren’t tired of it yet.

[Adam Schlesinger]: Yeah, the only one we might not play it at is if we’re going to the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. I’m not sure they want to hear a song with the word “radiation” in the title. Not quite sure how to play that. But anyway. Yeah, “Radiation Vibe.” That’s a good song.

Now I feel bad for Japan. It's such a good song.

Am I doing it wrong?

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