From the reject pile

We just sent out the invitations for our upcoming wedding; before those, we sent out Save-The-Dates, so I figured now would be a good time to share some images that we decided against using.

For our Save-The-Dates, we ended up going with a photobooth-y theme. For reference, here's what we sent out (click to view the full thing):

The save-the-date for our wedding
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Our actual Save-The-Date

Kristin summed it up as, “I like the story this tells: I eat all your ice cream but  you still give me flowers.” That's love, kids.

To make these pictures, I set up a lighting rig and a tripod, we both had some wine, and we grabbed props as appropriate.

We needed four pictures; we took 123. Here are some of the many that didn't make the cut.

(I should emphasize that wine was involved.)

Kristin in my hat, and me in her hat. CRAZY!
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Aaaah we swapped hats! How ridiculous!
Me wearing two pairs of sunglasses. THE INSANITY!
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I've got my four eyes on you
Us waving flags but not looking happy about it
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Don't we look totally pumped to be getting married?
Kristin holding on to the puppy with all her might
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Otis wanted no part in this
Otis kissing Kristin
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Well, unless I was out of the picture
Kristin and I trying to do the bunny ears thing
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We were going for “bunny ears” and we really, really failed
The two of us making tiger claws
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You're a tiger!
Me taking a picture of Kristin
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Fashion shoot!
Domestic life
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Aaaand we went too far
Me, by myself
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I wouldn't blame her for leaving, either

Am I doing it wrong?

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