Giving thanks

Kristin and I got married on April 30, 2011. The wedding was a blast. We planned it, but I thought it best to acknowledge some of the people who helped it all come together.

The house at Elodie Farms
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The farmhouse
Viewing the seating arrangements and tent
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From the bedroom

Thanks, Elodie Farms, for being a really charming venue.

Elodie Farms is run by a guy named Dave. We love Dave. Dave was totally chill about everything. Dave handled everything. Dave took our stress away. When you're getting married, this is the single most valuable thing you can do. Seriously, we love Dave. Thanks, Dave.

Kristin with some champagne before the wedding
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Behind the scenes

You even threw in a bottle of champagne before the wedding, so cheers to that!

Thanks, baby goats, for being adorable.

Thanks, Gus (one of the farm dogs), for being 90 pounds of brown fur and yay-people-please-pet-me! exuberance. I'm pretty sure you were more popular than we were, even though we gave people booze.

For dessert, we had a variety of pies from Louise Parrish from the farmers’ market. This is the only picture I could find of the pies:

Many empty pie dishes
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I would eat those crumbs. (Photo by Barbara Rodriguez)

Thanks, Louise! I can't think of a better way to show you that they were delicious.

Thanks, Trevor, for being such a good friend that I'm not sure what I did to deserve it. At the end of the night when we ran out of room in our cars for the rented sound equipment, Trevor loaded the speakers up and even drove out of his way to return them the next morning. Dude, too kind. If I die, feel free to take a pass at Kristin. We both approve.

Andrew and Sarah calling dibs
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Noted. /winks at Andrew

… But thanks, Andrew and Sarah, for a few other options.

Congratulations in crayon from Chelsea
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Chelsea made this one

Under the tent, we used butcher paper for the tablecloths. Of course we also left out some crayons. Thanks, everyone, for leaving the delightful doodles during dinner.

Also thanks, anonymous person, for adding “amazeballs” and “” to my vocabulary, to the bewilderment of my coworkers.

Grandmother in a gigantic frilly hat
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Bam. (Photo by my Aunt Mary)

Thanks, Grandmother, for making us not regret putting “Fancy hats not discouraged” on the invites. You really brought it.

Bill begging us to tone it down
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The greatest compliment

Thanks, Bill, for confirming that we had at least two good ideas.

Justin and some happy flags
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(Photo by Chelsea Horde)

Thanks, everyone, for waving these little flags around like maniacs …

My brother with flags in his nose
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Best picture of the night

… even if you're doing it wrong.

Kristin and Barbara
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My wife and Barbara (Photo from Barbara's Facebook)

Thanks, Barbara, for officiating our wedding. You're an amazing friend (and now an ordained minister for $30 with shipping). You're the reason that Kristin and I met; it was only fitting that you brought us together. Again.

Our families
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Family conversation (photo by Mary Frank)

Thanks to our families. Of course we can't thank you enough. We owe you everything.

Thanks, everyone, for failing to drink 29 bottles of wine so that Kristin and I can keep the good times going.

Kristin and I after the ceremony with drinks and big smiles
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Hello, new Facebook profile picture (Photo by Melissa Dowty)


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haha you can thank Meg for "Amazeballs". Always working to expand our vocabulary.

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Obviously she's

Am I doing it wrong?

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