Gizmodo: “How Yahoo Killed Flickr”

Mat Honan at Gizmodo has written the definitive history of Flickr:

The site that once had the best social tools, the most vibrant userbase, and toppest-notch storage is rapidly passing into the irrelevance of abandonment. Its once bustling community now feels like an exurban neighborhood rocked by a housing crisis. Yards gone to seed. Rusting bikes in the front yard. Tattered flags. At address, after address, after address, no one is home.

I’m still on Flickr, but I really don’t know why. I rarely see anything interesting when I log in. I’ve had 500px open in a browser tab for months, just begging me to switch over. Maybe I’ll pull the trigger. I should also dust off my camera too.

(For random image nonsense, I use MLKSHK. You should too.)

Am I doing it wrong?

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