Groupon just has the best thesaurus

Hot on the heels of a little fracas in the Tumblrsphere about the value of a thesaurus, I offer up this little entry from coupon site Groupon. The entry for "hands" should tell you everything that you have to know.

hands = wrist-mitts, finger-docks, arm paddles, cheek slappers, open-faced knuckle sandwiches, Michigan silhouettes (only use in Midwest), turkey tracers/stencils, clapping utensils (good for events), knuckle wagons, 5-pronged pals, knuckle steaks, shake traps, high-five dispensers, nail farms, finger farms

Actually, their entire style guide is worth a read if you're looking for some ideas on how to break out of clichéd marketing-speak.

Am I doing it wrong?

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