I am also a closet Counting Crows fan

Steven Hyden from The AV Club examines the chart-topping Recovering the Satellites:

Counting Crows is now a band that cool people are supposed to hate. The best throwaway example of this that I can think of is a Spin story from several years ago that casually compared Counting Crows with Dishwalla, a band whose greatest accomplishments are recording the kind-of popular song “Counting Blue Cars”—the one where the guy sings “tell me all your thoughts on God,” ’cause he’s on his way to see her— and coming up with the most ’90s-sounding one-hit-wonder band name ever. I’m guessing this comparison was meant to denigrate Counting Crows, and not praise Dishwalla, but I’m dorky enough to still like Counting Crows, so I’m not qualified to determine this.

Some great songs on that album. Here's “Another Horsedreamer's Blues” and “Daylight Fading”.

Am I doing it wrong?

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