I love a good analysis of rap lyrics

Does Paul Delvin have a book deal? Because based on his three-part series on Slate picking apart transcriptions in The Anthology of Rap, he really should. I would read an entire dictionary of things like this:

In Jay-Z's, "Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)," Jay-Z says "let the thing between my eyes analyze life's ills/ Then I put it down, type real." The anthology renders the second line "Then I put it down, type braille." Type was a popular adjective in late-'90s rap, a synonym for "very." (Cf. Prodigy, in Mobb Deep's "Give Up the Goods (Just Step)": "It's type hard trying to survive in New York state.") Jay-Z is saying his analysis of life's ills is very realistic; he is not saying that he composes in Braille—why would he do that? The mistake is also present in the OHHLA transcription.

There are even audio samples.

(How much I enjoyed this only verifies the extent of my whiteness.)

Am I doing it wrong?

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