Manjoo: Best Buy’s only hope is to slim down

I’ve cackled before at Best Buy’s woes, so of course I was going to enjoy Farhad Manjoo’s suggestions for how they could (maybe) turn themselves around by stocking much fewer items:

Why would going small work for Best Buy? Because big has become the domain of the Web. There once was a time when massive selection was a key differentiator in physical stores—the more stuff you stocked, the more likely you were to appeal a wider range of customers. But now, no matter how many TVs Best Buy keeps in stock, its selection will never match that of Web retailers. If you’re the type of customer who studies every 32-inch set before choosing one, you’re not likely to bother with a store.

I wonder if there’s an opening in the market for an electronics store that’s like a physical version of The Wirecutter: we’ve only got one TV, but they’ve done all the research and are reasonably sure it’s the best for most people. <Troll>You know, like an Apple Store for things not made by Apple</troll>.

Am I doing it wrong?

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