People like plain English

The turning point of this article about a very funny ad campaign is right here:

Chris Benham, chief marketing officer at Webroot, founded 13 years ago and also based in Boulder, recently commissioned an online poll that asked more than 2,400 security software users in the United States and Britain to rate how strongly they agreed or disagreed with 18 statements about antiviral software.

Included in the survey was what Mr. Benham called a throwaway question about which the company expected a tepid response: “I wish security software brands would just explain things in plain English so I could really understand what I’m protected against.”

To Mr. Benham’s surprise, that statement ranked the third-most agreed upon by respondents, surpassed only by statements about protecting children from online predators and about computer users’ generally underestimating the problem of online security.

People like to understand things. Who knew?

Am I doing it wrong?

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