Reaction .gifs Mad Libs

I sent out an email today that told a story using a lot of reaction .gifs.

The recipient, who is getting married later this year, had this to say:

Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm pretty sure I'm marrying the wrong person.

You're the one that got away.

So I’m pretty sure this was the highlight of my career.

Rather than provide any details, I’m going to post the files I used in story order and leave it up to your imagination to fill in what the story might be. Trust me, it’s way more fun this way.

Ryan Reynolds giving a come hither look

Bert reading something and looking concerned

melissa joan hart tossing away her laptop

Jim Carrey typing rapidly

Woody going Oh No

Jon Stewart going Oh No

Kristin Wiig is angry

Bradley Cooper goes Wow

I found my middle finger

The Joker clapping

Caption Jack Sparrow salute

Charlie Day shrug

Joey from Friends is not sorry

I will cut you

Kevin from Home Alone pumping a BB gun

Ben dropping the mic

So, what do you think the story was?

I should make this a regular feature.

(All files via Holy Grail of Reaction/GIFs

Am I doing it wrong?

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