The Simpsons and The West Wing recaps on The AV Club

Although there are many sites that review and recap television shows, my favorite is The AV Club. The reviews are short, the writing is smart, and the comments are shockingly readable. They cover all the shows worth watching. Yes, even Jersey Shore.

But I've gotten a real kick out of their recent projects tackling classic episodes of The Simpsons (they just started. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick I can't believe these episodes are twenty years old) and The West Wing (they just wrapped up season two).

You could reasonably ask if I don't have better ways to spend my time than reading reviews of decades(!!)-old television shows that I've seen dozens of times.

You would be wrong.

One of the joys of Twitter is seeing what people are saying right now about what you happen to be watching right now. Follow some funny and passionate people and join in the conversation or just marvel at how quick-witted you aren't. But Twitter wasn't around a decade ago, and Television Without Pity is a relatively recent thing, so it's a pleasure to read some recaps from before we could immediately hop online and find some 'too soon' jokes about the death of Mrs. Landingham.

Am I doing it wrong?

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