Three giant animals

Everything is more fun when embiggened – especially animals!

First up, well, it's hard to discuss this short movie without spoiling it. Trust me what it’s worth it:

Next, this is the year that the Ohio State University marching band discovered YouTube. They’ve posted some crazy shows but none (so far!) as delightful as this video game homage, a performance that in between many moments of nostalgic glee (Tetris! Mario! Pac-Man! More Mario!) features a jaw-dropping, full-football-field horse:

Finally, I saw a warning this week that Google is taking away full-screen background images from their home page. Boo! For posterity, here’s what’s greeted me at for the past two years:

the giant face of my dog on the Google home page

Thanks a lot, Google. I really doubt your “more streamlined Google Search page for everyone” can top that.

(The fishy movie is via this blog post, which my wife told me about. The marching band video has been everywhere, but that particular version was via this roundup of the battle of Ohio’s marching bands on Slate. The Google background image is mine, but with apologies to Khoi Vinh.)

Am I doing it wrong?

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