Two types of video game hell

One way to wring some extra fun out of video games is to set up some artificial constraints to make the game more challenging beyond the usual tiers of difficulty levels. You could maybe beat Mega Man 2 without taking any damage, ignore unnecessary items to plow through Super Metroid in under an hour, or take down the biggest enemies in Doom with only your fists and pistol. (Doom challenge fans are bananas.) Seems like a good way to end up with a fist through a wall.

Or you could fight back and try to drive the game itself bananas. That’s what Jon Bois at SB Nation is up to with his Breaking Madden series. Here’s the recipe:

  1. Come up with a ludicrous football scenario such as BEEFTANK, the 400-pound quarterback, or swapping out all of the Browns’ receivers with kickers.
  2. Create new custom players to make it happen; Twitter followers crack jokes to have a player named after them.
  3. As the game tries to square itself with this new reality, GIF the results.

Instant hilarity, every time. I particularly enjoyed replacing Peyton Manning’s offensive line with stick figures.

So add “attempt to infuriate the computer” to the list of ways to make video games more difficult or exciting. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen people try to make it more difficult or exciting to review games; that’s exactly what some masochists are doing at Hot Pepper Gaming.

You can probably guess how this goes: someone eats an insanity pepper and tries to spit out a game review. It’s pretty brutal. I can’t look away:

(The music drops when the host has to pause the review—a nice touch.)

Am I doing it wrong?

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