You hate the US Postal Service for no good reason

Jim Hightower:

The post office is more than a bunch of buildings — it's a community center and, for many towns, an essential part of the local identity, as well as a tangible link to the rest of the nation. As former Sen. Jennings Randolph poignantly observed, "When the local post office is closed, the flag comes down." The corporatizer crowd doesn't grasp that going after this particular government program is messing with the human connection and genuine affection that it engenders.

I don’t like waiting in line either, but people that really hate the USPS drive me bonkers. As if that 45¢ first-class stamp isn’t a screaming deal.

Still, time marches on. And while mail is definitely not cool, it is gnarly! Ooh, another Daily Show video!

Am I doing it wrong?

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