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One of my favorite design-y/artsy blogs out there is Colossal, curated by Christopher Jobson. Here's some of my favorites from the past few months.

These abstract-realistic urban paintings by Jeremy Mann:

The Last Light of San Francisco by Jeremy Mann

These oil landscapes by Erin Hanson that look like Bob Ross on acid (“Just some trippy little trees…”):

Trippy little trees in a landscape painting

These insane watercolor paintings by Maja Wronska (and some more), which remind me a little bit of Monet’s studies of the Rouen Cathedral that I could stare at for hours:

Vibrant watercolor painting of a church

These paintings by Valerio Dospina that look like long-exposure photographs:

A blurry oil painting of a street corner

These turbulent paintings by Samantha Keely Smith:

Abstract wave painting by Samantha Keely Smith

These photographs of sunsets on shattered mirrors by Bing Wright:

Sunset on a shattered mirror

These crazy national-parks-meets-an-aquarium photos by Martin Vlach:

Whales flying in a foggy, forest sky

And, finally, these wonderful photographs by Guy Cohen, who has a great eye for form and shape:

a small child running on a wooden boardwalk near the shadow of a light post

Am I doing it wrong?

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