Less.org multimedia design system

These samples are promotional materials for ‘less.org,’ a fictional organization dedicated delivering personal finance advice, tongue firmly in cheek. I had to conceptualize the organization from scratch and then create a complete design system to support it that could be used across a variety of media, from multimedia videos to printed business cards.


  • Conceptualize and develop a complete organization with a unique voice, clear audience, and powerful message.
  • Create an effective, attractive, and complete design system to deliver the organization's message across multiple media.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe AfterEffects

Video Commercial

I conceptualized this sixty-second video – made completely in After Effects – as a commercial to introduce less.org's message (and tagline!) and get the audience thinking about how they spend their money. Click the play button below to watch. The video has music!! so watch those speakers or headphones!

View this video in higher definition on Vimeo.

Website Models

(Click on any image below to see a larger version and read some additional commentary.)

I built a number of web pages for the organization. I conceptualized the site as a collection of personal finance advice from other sites around the web, ranging from horror stories to pieces of good advice. Below are the models for the homepage and an article page.

Less.org website homepage model. Click to expand.
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less.org homepage
Less.org website article page model. Click to expand.
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less.org article page

Mock credit cards

Finally, I returned to print media with an interesting twist on business cards: fake credit cards. These bad boys initially look realistic, but deliver some nice, scary facts along with prodding readers to take a look at the website. These are front and back, and were a lot of fun to design.

Less.org mock credit card fronts. Click to expand.
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less.org business cards fronts
Less.org mock credit card backs. Click to expand.
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less.org business cards backs

Am I doing it wrong?

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